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WIP Wednesday - Tour de Fleece 2014, Week 2

Both singles are finished and my jumbo flyer arrived! This should do the trick. :)

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Ginkgo Shawl Complete!

I love my new shoulder shawl. Mini shawl? Shawlette? My intern was questioning what you call this thing. Made with noochfiber Central Park Fingering yarn, which was lovely. So of course I had to take some “super artistic” lens flare shots, gah, so artsy…
Well I did make the thing in a moment of Art Nouveau inspiration…

Lovely shawl knit with Nooch Fiber! :)  Wow!  

It looks like all the knit stitches have been worked through the back loop.

Whad’ya know, I did have enough yarn after all. Braid Hills is finished and I found the perfect buttons for it. The scoop neck is much deeper than I usually wear but it suits the design.

I misread the pattern and started knitting the twisted-stitch chart from the bottom edge instead of doing modified twisted rib. For symmetry, I repeated my “mistake” for the neckband. Started to run low on yarn when knitting the sleeves so I only did one chart repeat after decreases, then a 5 cm cuff. Had the perfect 3/4-length sleeves but they grew in blocking!

Captain Scarlet turned into Captain Terracotta! I’m surprised at how even the color turned out in the finished skein, I was expecting more pronounced color changes.

This would make a great Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang.

Or maybe Wild Cherry? Oh, the choices!

WIP Wednesday - Tour de Fleece 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014 started on July 5th, and I’ve been busy spinning. Welllll, not really busy — I’m taking it easy and trying to spin a bit every day, a few moments here and there.

My first goal is to spin these two braids of Lanitium Ex Machina dyed Norwegian wool, then ply them together.


Putting them side by side, I was really amazed at how similar they are, even though they’re different colorways. Left: Hedgehog in the Fog, right: Suolaheinä from a 2013 fiber club.

I’m halfway completed already — the first braid is done and I’ve ordered a jumbo flyer and bobbin to hopefully ply the two together without having to break yarn.

And this is the 1975 Russian animation that inspired the colorway.

Spoonflower launched their new faux suede recently, and ran a promotion for a free sample in any design. And of course I could not resist getting a couple of fat quarters in the basic cotton. I’m sensing some more boxie pouches in the future…

Faux suede printed in Mod birds, fat quarters in Fox forest blue and Woodland owl oh deer.

I can haz sparkle socks!

The stitch pattern is quite inflexible — I suggest going up a needle size or sock size. I’ve knit socks for myself with 56 or 60 sts (S and M sizes in the pattern), but for this, I had to go up to 64 sts to get the cuff over my ankle.

This is probably also why the cuff is really short (two repeats maybe?) in the original pattern photos. I did 6 pattern repeats in mine.

Can’t get enough of stripes! My second finished pair of helix stripes socks — 56 sts total, four 14-stitch spirals.

They’re crazy colorful but so much fun!

Today’s WIP Wednesday is spinning.

It’s become a tradition to get together with my bestest knitting friends each summer and dye some wool. Last year’s theme was blues and greens, this year it was reds and browns.

And it’s also become a tradition for me to realize this time of year that Tour de Fleece is just around the corner, I haven’t spun anything in ages and it’s time to start practicing for the Tour. I’m calling this one Captain Scarlet because, well…

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Stripes, stripes, once again stripes. My stripey cardigan is finished!

I’d been eyeing this pattern for a long time. It’s so cute in the pattern photos but in many of the finished projects it looks like the collar is too wide, too high at the front but too low at the back.

Short rows to the rescue! My modification didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped but I love the result anyway. My favorite stripey cardigan!

Hey, I finished another small thing!

I had a partial skein left over from my Titanium Alpacanium shawl, and had been looking for a small project. These fingerless mitts fit the bill perfectly. I cheated a bit on the thumbs to use up the remaining yarn, but otherwise they’re done according to pattern.

WIP Wednesday is back and so is my knitting mojo! I’ve cast on a number of projects within the week. First, a pair of Kujeillen fingerless mitts.

Hunter Hammersen’s Planorbis Corneus socks from the new Knitty.

Echo Flower Shawl in Malabrigo Lace.

And I started crocheting a basket in tube cord. Definitely no idle hands here.

New Etsy Favorite: Superwash merino / bamboo / nylon Truffles 104g by KeesiIndustries (16.00 EUR)

New Etsy Favorite: Superwash merino / bamboo / nylon Truffles 104g by KeesiIndustries (16.00 EUR)